Highlight who you are

We come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to choose garments that highlight and possibly hide what you want - also when it comes to choosing a uniform!
WORKIS offers you functional and beautiful uniforms. We have made it easy to choose a model and size as all our uniforms are in 4-way stretch. This means that you can easily choose all our different models, regardless of your shape.
Choose the uniform with the details you like best, then go by size. To find your right size, we have created a simple overview here.
The size you usually wear in your private clothes is the size you should order from us.
We also have a number of pockets in the various models according to your needs.
Some pockets are large and good where you can put a mobile phone/iPad or similar. We also have some hidden pockets for hiding jewelry/keys. See our ingenious Petra trousers with hidden pockets in the waistband itself here.
If you need help finding your favourite, we will be happy to help you! Contact us here!
WORK is you! WORKIS your Identity