Our values

WORKIS has a strong environmental focus and has therefore spent a lot of time and resources to produce as sustainably as possible. We believe the world needs a change in the mass consumption of uniforms and the choice of poor textiles. Did you know that the textile industry accounts for 10% of climate emissions? 
WORKIS wants to be a good role model and help change the industry for the better. It is expensive to buy cheap uniforms. Expensive for you, as you have to invest in new uniforms more often due to poor quality, and expensive for our planet which cannot get rid of all the excess clothes. Make some wise choices and instead invest in good, durable and hard-wearing textiles. Better for you and better for the environment.
WORKIS only uses suppliers who commit to sustainable production! Our entire health collection is produced in Portugal. The factories have very good practices to protect workers, the environment and natural resources that maintain the quality of the products. All surplus after a production is separated and recycled / reused. We work continuously to achieve better results and the goal is to use only clean energy and reduce water consumption by a further 30%. The environmental focus starts in the evidence of people. It is also the daily practice used by the factories, by the workers, and the mindset is:
Dont waist, use less, do better, last longer...